Shooting & Rental Equipment

We produce reportages, news and educational programs, documentaries, instructional and company presentation videos, TV spots, sponsorship messages and countless other video formats.

We provide fully-equipped film and video crews and also rent professional camera technology.

Generally speaking, we supply film and video technology in a single package, including a film crew – camera technician/sound engineer + a complete film and video set. We are also prepared to supply seasoned cameramen specializing in the given type of shooting. We boast of numerous time-tested contacts among top-notch film directors, lighting engineers and other film professions you might need. Language-wise, our team is well-endowed to cater for the needs of a foreign clientele.

Both camera technician / sound engineer are responsible for the correct setting of their technology prior to shooting, being available throughout the project – thus the client does not have to worry either about the rented technology or the correct setting of the cameras and sound equipment.

Our crew and technology are transported by a minivan or, in case of a larger project, a VW Caravelle 8+1 vehicle is available.

Our approach to all business offers is customized in a bid to cater for your specific requirements; you are free to contact us at any time for a tentative price quotation.

SQN 4S Portable mixpult stereo


SQN 4S Mini Portable mixpult stereo


SQN 3 Portable mixpult mono

SHURE FP33 Portable mixpult stereo


Sennheiser MKH-416

Wireless mics – sets

Sennheiser AVX-ME2 – 2,4Ghz
Sennheiser ew 112-P G3 – UHF 622Mhz


LED panel LATOUR LED – 725S

Dedolight DLH4

Dedolight Dedoflex DSBSXS 30x30cm Mini Silver Softbox Kit

Sachtler 3x 650W

Kobold Kit 3x 300W

Dedolight Ledzilla, SWIT S-2050 a S-2000

Studio Monitors

9“ (SONY, JVC)
6“ 16:9 (SONY)
LCD monitor SWIT 7“ 4:3/16:9


Sachtler Panorama 7×7
Sachtler Video 20II
Caddy 18
Baby stativ
Secced Ares 2
+ equipment


blue, grey, white
3m wide

Datavideo TP – 600